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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions

Is it possible to register a non-French establishment in the RNCP [French National Directory of Professional Qualifications]?

France Compétences registers qualifications issued in France in the RNCP. It is therefore not the establishments that are registered, but the qualifications. These must be issued in France. It is not possible to register as such a non-French establishment in the RNCP.

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Can a foreign establishment provide training for qualifications registered in the RNCP?

The qualifications registered in the RNCP are the property of the qualification providers. You should contact the qualification provider(s) directly for any potential collaboration.

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How to register a foreign training course in the French national framework?

Registration in the RNCP is not dependent on the nationality of the qualification provider, but on fulfilment of the legal prerequisites. Since registration of a qualification in the RNCP confers the levels of the French national framework, it is important that the statistical cohorts which must crucially be examined to analyse demand relate to training provided to learners who obtained the qualification in France.

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What are the differences between the qualification provider and its partners?

Partners are organisations that prepare learners for the qualification but do not issue it. The qualification provider is the holder of the qualification, and it can share the co-ownership with other joint qualification providers. The joint qualification providers can issue the qualification on their own behalf or on behalf of the group.

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I represent an organisation domiciled within the European Union. Can we create an account for remote registration in French national directories?

According to the principle of free movement of services, requesting organisations from the EU or the EEA operating in France are treated in the same way as organisations domiciled in France.

So in respect of:

  • the K-BIS (company registration document) or copy of an entry in the Official Journal (for associations) dated within the last three months: equivalent documents must provide evidence of the company’s legal existence and provide verified information to serve as proof for the authority that established it. These constitute the up-to-date “identity card” of the legal entity or natural person applying for registration with France compétences, a criminal record check on your organisation's director (less than three months old), your country's central authority may be asked to communicate any details appearing on the criminal record issued (last paragraph of Art. 777 of the French Penal Code).

The company identification number as recorded in your national register is also necessary .

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I represent an organisation domiciled abroad. Can I register one of my qualifications in a French national directory?

To be eligible for registration in the RNCP [French National Directory of Professional Qualifications], your request must include evidence of at least two courses completed by learners assessed and graduated in France (the course criterion is specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article R. 6113-9 of the French Labour Code).

Concerning the specific directory RS (Art. 6113-11 of the French Labour Code), there are no specific requirements for a territorial establishment on French territory for the specific activity of skills qualification, although the practical value and suitability of the proposed qualification must be justified with regard to the skills needs of the French employment market.

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How to obtain recognition of a qualification obtained abroad?

Recognition of qualifications obtained abroad (even within the European Union) and attribution of a level in the French national framework do not fall under the responsibility of France compétences.

For information about the recognition of foreign qualifications in France, please visit the website of our partner, France Éducation International, which is responsible for the ENIC-NARIC France centre:

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How to register a qualification (foreign or national) obtained by an individual?

France compétences does not register qualifications held by individuals but professional qualifications submitted by the qualification provider(s) who created them.

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Non-acceptance for resumption of studies in a vocational training establishment or a university abroad. What is the procedure to follow?

The registration of a qualification in the RNCP means that the French government guarantees the level in terms of professional skills and access to the employment market. Some countries only accept academic-type qualifications for enrolment on training courses. France compétences can provide certification of the level guaranteed by the government but cannot guarantee equivalence in terms of academic training.

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I am a tradesman and I want to move to a European Union country. I have been asked for a certificate from France compétences. What do I need to do?

France compétences can provide a certificate of registration in the EQF [European Qualifications Framework].

However, if you are setting up as a tradesman, the competent authority in the country to which you are moving (chamber of commerce, department of trade and industry, etc.) must apply to the competent authority in the country where the qualification was issued to check whether that qualification exists and whether you are entitled to practice in France, after receiving supporting documents from the applicant (copy of the qualification and translation). This check is carried out via the Internal Market Information (IMI) system. The competent authority (in France) responds, also via IMI, and closes the case.

This process is governed by the qualifications recognition directive: REGULATION (EU) NO 1024/2012 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 25 October 2012, on administrative cooperation through the Internal Market Information system.

For more information:

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Evaluation and issuance of a professional qualification outside the national territory, is it possible?

A professional qualification conferring recognition of the national qualifications framework must, in principle, be issued on the national territory, since it is issued according to the national law applied there and under conditions which would allow, if necessary, an external control of France compétences.

However, it is possible that this issuance may occur in the following situations:

  •  if the final evaluation takes place on the national territory, whether it takes place face-to-face or remotely;
  • on condition that the candidate's training provider (school) is clearly identified as an authorized body by France competences.

If not, a certificate of achievement from the school may be issued but it cannot confer the rights associated with the recognition of the national qualifications framework.

Are the higher education establishments supposed to have a Qualiopi certification issued by a certification body?

No, higher education establishments are deemed to meet the certification obligation if they are subject to the exemption specified in paragraph II of Article L. 6316-4 of the French Labour Code. This covers:

  • public higher education establishments accredited after assessment by the HCERES [High Council for Evaluation of the Research and Higher Education];
  • EESPIG [private higher education establishment of a public interest] accredited after assessment by the CCESP [Advisory Committee for Private Higher Education];
  • higher education establishments accredited to issue an engineering degree diplomas, after assessment by the CTI [Engineering Degrees Commission].

They are therefore exempt from the quality certification procedure and so do not use the Qualiopi label.

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What quality certification procedures are applicable to a foreign VET provider with a training site in France and wanting to access public funds?

A training provider with its headquarters located outside France and exercising a part of its activity on the French territory must submit an activity declaration and appoint a representative in France authorised to respond for legal obligations on behalf of the training provider, in accordance with the article R. 6351-3 of the French Labour Code. That representative in France must therefore be responsible for compliance with the criteria set out in the national quality standard on behalf of the foreign organisation. Audits will be conducted in liaison with the representative in France, responsible for collecting the necessary evidence from the foreign organisation. In the absence of dedicated premises, the certification body and the representative in France may agree on a location of the audit.

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What are the labelling bodies recognized and authorized by France compétences to issue Qualiopi certification?

The law stipulates that COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee is responsible for accrediting the certifying bodies authorized to issue the Qualiopi quality certification. However, in order to reflect the reality of highly specialised training providers with their own labels, such as driving schools, the Article L.6316-2 of the 5th September 2018 Law provides an alternative option, consisting in delivering of the Qualiopi certification by a labelling body recognized by France compétences.

See the list of labelling bodies recognised by France Compétences:

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