French national qualifications framework and EQF [European Qualifications Framework] for lifelong learning.

The French national framework for professional qualifications (RNCP) has eight levels like the EQF.


The RNCP is the national database in which professional qualifications are classified. The RS, meanwhile, contains a range of professional skills complementary to professional qualifications.


To ensure that qualifications are relevant and up to date, France compétences identifies emerging and changing professions and incorporates new professional skills associated with those professions into the RNCP or RS. This system enables employers and European citizens to compare French qualifications to those managed by the other EU Member States.


Designated as an NCP (National Coordination Point) for implementation of the EQF, France compétences is an active partner in the Europass set up by the European Commission on 1 July 2020. An automatic edition of the supplement to the Europass certificate is accessible from the RNCP.